Welcome To The Pacific Northwest

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The Pacific Northwest

Hi, I’m Bud, l own gohiking.ca, it’s a nature site that my boys and l are building to showcase the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest is one of those magical places filled with giant trees and falling water…. a place of endless solitude, a place of mists, a place of wonder. Our mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, forests and waterfalls, and communities dotted along the coast are just waiting to be explored.

So, come on…. Gohiking, put on your hiking boots, step out your door, and you’ll be well on your way to a great adventure! The B.C. coast has much to offer those who love the outdoors! So, get out and see for yourself.

A natural fallen giant Western Red Cedar in the Carmanah Valley on Vancouver Island, there are many giant Red Cedars in the Pacific Northwest
Natural Fallen Giant Western Red Cedar, Carmanah Valley, Vancouver Island, Photo By Bud Logan

There are wonderful lakes, rivers and camp grounds that readily await your use. Gaining access to these areas is (for the most part) very easy – there are many logging roads open to the public, but please drive carefully, as some of these are active logging roads. The best way to see the coast is from the water, the sailing and kayak adventures are waiting.

 The coast offers many opportunities for outdoor adventure! You can go canoeing, white river rafting, whale watching, mountain hiking, and so much more. The adventure of a life time is waiting.
Spawning Pink Salmon in the Quinsam River on Vancouver Island, BC, Pink Salmon are a common fish in the Pacific Northwest
Pink Salmon, Quinsam River. Photo By Bud Logan

All 5 species of pacific salmon migrate along the  coast and spawn in the many rivers and streams that flow down to the sea. Grizzly bears, Black bears and the sea wolf all come down to the rivers to gorge on this feast as they get ready to settle in for winter. This is a vital component of the forest. These large animals carry fish away from stream and into the forest where they can enjoy at a slower pace, the sea wolves will only eat the brains from these fish as the rest of the salmon has an element in it that can harm the wolf. After the fish has been chewed upon, the animal will leave the remains, this is quickly broken down by various smaller animals and insects until it is finally absorbed into the land. This quite effectively feeds the land. Just walk down a river where there is a healthy run of salmon, you will see how vibrant the growth is. Then take a walk along the banks of a stream where the salmon runs have been destroyed, you will see what l mean. I wrote a short poem in honor of the returning salmon, its called Salmon.


Swimmer, your journeys end is close at hand,

And l thank you.

For with your passing, you feed the land.

 The waters along the Pacific Northwest coast abound with wildlife. Experience an exciting whale watching adventure, and encounter orca & pacific gray whales migrating along the coast. Thrilling tours can be arranged in most of the small towns that dot the coast and outer islands. 

Over a million birds travel the pacific fly way, and many more life here year round. Birding enthusiasts, photographers & the like, eagerly travel to B.C.
Killer Whales are also known as Orcas, they are a common animal of the Pacific Northwest waters
Killer Whale, Photo By Wayne Wright

On Vancouver Island there are the endangered Vancouver Island marmot,  numbering less than 200  in total. These little marmots are awesome to watch. The Island is home to several wild animals not seen anywhere else in the world! For instance, the roosevelt elk are unique to this area. They are two of our island’s rare & incredibly beautiful animals. Marmots are found in high elevations, and roosevelt elk can be seen on most parts of the Island. You could see the Vancouver Island wolverine, although one has not been seen for a number of years now, l still hold out hope that they are deep in the mountains and just not seen.

We always enjoy finding chanterelle, pine or morel mushrooms in spring, to take home to the frying pan. There’s always something to look forward to!

Other varieties have more deadly qualities that are sought out by dark souls and yet others have hallucinogenic properties that shamans, healers and more recently recreational drug users have sought out with enthusiasm.
Mill Bay is a beautiful town on the shores of Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Northwest
Mill Bay, Photo By Bud Logan

Whether you are here visit our parks or view our numerous waterfalls, hike  on our mountain  trails,  hunt for edible mushrooms & plants, or go on bear & whale tours, or kayak with the seals, the coast has the adventure you are looking for.

Given our many spectacular rivers, lakes, valleys, mountains,  inlets and bays, along with our small population, you can see why so many outdoor enthusiasts choose to come back again and again!
So, take a cruise through the site, and discover the many phenomenal things the B.C. coastal region has to offer. Pick your adventure and head out to be amazed. Just go hiking.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To The Pacific Northwest”

  1. Hello,
    We are 2 french anglers coming for fly fishing salmons and steelheads (we hope), 3 weeks from late september to mid october. It’s a life’s fishermen trip for us !
    First, thank you very much for the great information on your web site, I did not found any better on the web !
    We will have 19 full days for exploring rivers. So far we intend to try our luck for kings on the Campbell and for coho on the Gold and the Stamp also.
    Also, we would like to drive up north and find one or two more remote rivers, maybe for stealheads on nymph flies. Could you help to select ones ? We will not have a 4wheels drive but we can walk long and pitch our tent.
    Thank you
    Another question please : I own a campervan in south ouest of France (I live in Oloron Ste Marie, at tha bottom of Pyrénées). Here, in Europe, it is easy to exchange for another campervan for holidays, then everyone save a lot of money (or even exchange for a car will be no problem for me). I didnt found this kind of service in the island, do you know if possible ?

    1. Thanks for contacting us, the Salmon River in the Sayward Valley has some big steelhead and is a great river to fish. The Eve/Adam rivers are great for fishing steelies and the Quatse River out of port hardy has a good run of steelies. On the south island, the cowichan river has a great fishery for brown trout, there are lots of steelhead and salmon here in the fall, the browns can get really big in this river. there are many other rivers that all have awesome fishing experiences for the dedicated angler, it would be difficult to try them all in just 19 days, i have lived here since 1961 and still have not fished most of them.

      I hope you have the fishing experience of a lifetime on your visit.

      1. As for the camper van trade service, we have nothing like that here, although it sounds awesome. There are lots of rental places where you can rent various types of campers and cars.

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