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Vancouver Island is one of those magical places, filled with giant trees and falling water. A place of endless solitude, a place of mists, a place of wonder. Our mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, forests and waterfalls, and communities that are dotted along the coast are just waiting to be explored.

So, what are you waiting for, strap on your hiking boots, take a step out your door, put your feet on a path and you’ll be well on your way to a great adventure! Vancouver Island has much to offer those who love the outdoors! Come and see what we have to offer.

Western Red Cedar, Vancouver Island, BC
Western Red Cedar, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There are wonderful lakes, rivers, and campgrounds that readily await your use. Gaining access to these areas is (for the most part) very easy, there are many logging roads open to the public that lead to adventures. Please drive carefully, as many of these are active logging roads.

 The Island offers many opportunities for outdoor adventure! You can go kayaking, white river rafting, whale watching, mountain biking, hiking, spelunking, skiing, canoeing and so much more. The adventure of a lifetime is just waiting for you.

Our Salmon

All 5 species of Pacific salmon migrate along the coast and spawn in the many rivers and streams that flow down to the sea. Black bears, Eagles, and the sea wolf all come down to the rivers to gorge on this feast as they get ready to settle in for winter. It’s a great time to come to view our rivers.

Pink Salmon, Quinsam River. Vancouver Island, BC
Pink Salmon, Quinsam River. Vancouver Island, BC Photo By Bud Logan

This is a vital component of the forest. These animals carry fish away from the stream and into the forest where they can enjoy eating at a slower pace, the sea wolves also feed on salmon but will only eat the brains from these fish. Seems the rest of the salmon has an element in it that can harm the wolf. After the fish has been chewed upon, the animal will leave the remains, this is quickly broken down by various smaller animals and insects until it is finally absorbed into the land.

This quite effectively feeds the land. Just walk down a river where there is a healthy run of salmon, you will see how vibrant the growth is. Then take a walk along the banks of a stream where the salmon runs have been destroyed, you will see what l mean.

I wrote a short poem in honor of the returning salmon, it’s called Salmon.


Swimmer, your journey’s end is close at hand,

And l thank you.

For with your passing, you feed the land.

gray Squirrel, Vancouver Island, BC
gray Squirrel, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

The waters along the shores of Vancouver Island abound with wildlife. Experience an exciting whale watching or grizzly viewing adventure, and encounter pacific gray whales migrating along the outer coast or see humpback and killer whales in the inland waters. Thrilling tours can be arranged in most of the small towns that dot the coast and outer islands.

Eagle, Vancouver Island, BC
Eagle, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Robert Logan

Over a million birds travel the Pacific Flyway, and many more live here year-round. Birding enthusiasts, photographers & the like, eagerly travel here to see the wonders of the avian world.

One of my favorite birds has to be the Bald Eagles. Sometimes when the herring spawn begins, you can find them in the hundreds in trees that overlook the sea. Sometimes they luck out and get a whole salmon to feed on.

The adult bald eagle is easy to identify, but the immature birds are easily confused with the golden eagle, both have dark brown bodies, but the golden eagle has a much redder color to it and his head is almost golden. It is 5 years before the bald eagle fully matures.

On Vancouver Island, you will find the endangered Vancouver Island marmot, which numbers less than 200  in total. Vancouver Island Marmot. These little marmots are awesome to watch. The Island is home to several wild animals not seen anywhere else in the world! For instance, the Roosevelt elk are unique to this area. They are two of our island’s rare & incredibly beautiful animals. Marmots are found in high elevations, and Roosevelt elk can be seen on most parts of the Island. You could see the Vancouver Island wolverine, although one has not been seen for a number of years now, l still hold out hope that they are still located deep in the mountains and just not seen.


We always enjoy finding chanterelle, pine, or morel mushrooms in spring to take home to the frying pan. There’s always something to look forward to! Other varieties have more deadly qualities that are sought out by dark souls and yet others have hallucinogenic properties that shamans, healers, and more recently recreational drug users have sought out with enthusiasm.

Kusam Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
Kusam Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Whether you are to here visit our parks or view our numerous waterfalls, hike on our mountain trails,  hunt for edible mushrooms & plants, go on bear & whale tours, or kayak with the seals, the coast has the adventure you are looking for. Given our many spectacular rivers, lakes, valleys, mountains,  inlets, and bays, along with our small population, you can see why so many outdoor enthusiasts choose to come back again and again! Our Island Parks

So, take a cruise through the site, and discover the many phenomenal things the Pacific Northwest coastal region has to offer. Pick your adventure and head out to be amazed.

Animals     Coastal Shores     Tourism     Plants


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20 thoughts on “Gohiking”

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for having this wonderful nature website. I had looked at this website a couple of years back and now I see that there is so much more content 🙂
    Tess Boutilier-Wilson

  2. HeyBud. I’m the driver you helped shovel out the other day at the junction
    You told me about your sons Sat phone. I was wondering what make and where he got it at if ya could

    Thanks again. Next time at least let me buy ya a coffee. And yes your website is cool. Think this summer Kushan trail

    Have a great day. Next time I see the white van. I’ll wave

    1. Hey Mike, it was my pleasure to have helped, as for the phone, just look it up on amazon, they have many models, service can be had for 30 bucks a month. They are pretty awesome, this phone allows you to connect to your phone via bluetooth and you can send text messages. https://www.amazon.ca/Garmin-010-01735-10-Explorer-Satellite-Communicator/dp/B01MY03CZP/ref=asc_df_B01MY03CZP/?tag=googleshopc0c-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=292968384123&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10727461832505690883&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9001445&hvtargid=pla-440079777080&psc=1

  3. Hey there! The nice lady at the cable house recommended getting in touch with you. We stopped in on our way back from some north island caving.

  4. Hi
    Are you working on the North Island trail. If you are involved my brother Don would be interested in helping.
    Hope things are good for you

  5. Hi Bud,
    Wanted to say hi, and get in touch.
    A while back you sent me a text complimenting my article in the Compass mag
    on cetaceans. Never got around to thanking you for that. Kind of you, and thanks so much.
    Hope you and your family are making it through these batshit times and that your health is good. I live in a jar, only building things, doing writing and thinking. which probably is a sin in this incomparably gorgeous part of the world.
    Thought I’d ask how difficult is it to get into hiking in the CR area as it appears I am getting on in years and should start paying critical attention to some more physical exercise.
    Beautiful photos here, and compliments to you for your valuable and professional guidance for our community.
    Would like to share a cup of coffee sometime, if your schedule permits.
    Until that time,

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for writing. There are many trails on the north island that offer a variety of terrains and hiking skills, Or you can just head out and find your own trail. I am not doing the coffee thing until we get this disease under control.

  6. Hi Bud

    Thanks very much indeed for creating this great site. My maps is now dotted with many new map points to visit. My Girlfriend and i are Danish and live in Copenhagen, but we have an enduring love for this Island and all of BC. We wont be going this year, obviously, but at least we can start thinking about next year.



  7. Hi Bud,
    My younger brothers hike and bike. Have done most of Transcanada trail. Also a friend who has done the Camino.
    We were wondering where the Vancouver Island trail is going.

    1. Hi Betty. The Vancouver Island Trail runs from Victoria up the center of the island to Shusharti Bay just north of Port Hardy, where it joins up with the north coast trail and continues to San Josef Bay. It is 874 km long. I am walking the whole trail next summer.

  8. Great site! The mushroom info is plain and simple and I can readily know what I would be looking for. Mushroom books confuse me…. is it or isn’t it?
    I was in the Crossroads for supper and GoHiking has a ‘paper?’ with canoe routes and trails. Where would I find one?

    1. Thanks, not sure what paper you are referring too, there is a map put out by Katherine Temple, she owns the gocampbellriver.com site, she also has a gohiking page on facebook. Glad you like the site, big improvements are happening to it as we speak.

  9. Hi Bud
    Thank you for your time yesterday teaching us about edible and medicinal plants
    I have been in the interior for a while now and plan on spending the summer here fishing up in Port Alice. I was wondering if you happen to have some contact info for Susan who was with us yesterday as I have an aluminum welding job to do on my boat and she mentioned that her son builds aluminum boats.
    If you travel up to Port Alice this summer please contact me and we can do some fishing
    thank you and enjoy the day

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