Adam River

Adam River
Adam River, Photo By Bud Logan

This is the Adam River on Vancouver Island and not the famous Adams River of the interior with its great sockeye salmon run. Although this river does have some great fishing. You can fish for steelhead, salmon, resident rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and some brown trout that can get to a good size.

One of my favorite spots to fish is where the Adam and Eve river joins up, there are some nice pools here to try your luck in. But you know, it’s also just a great place to come and see nature in its finest, and the Adam River is set in some fine country.

The river is a catch and release-only fishery above the Eve River confluence and there may be some gear restrictions, so please check your fishing synopsis. Hiking along the Adam river will put you into some pretty nice country, quite rugged, thick brush but the pools you will find to put a line in and the fish that you will find here will more than make this a memorable hike. You could get lucky and hook into a big brown trout or perhaps a big steelhead trout. Just remember that you must release all fish back into the river.

Adam River
Adam River, Photo By Bud Logan

This is a nice river where you can always see wildlife and there are many birds who nest in the area. Every time I have been here, I have seen black bears, blacktail deer, herds of elk, cougars, smaller animals like otters, pine martins and raccoons are also quite numerous, and the birdlife here would satisfy any birder who visits. So if you are heading to this river, bring your camera and expect to be amazed.

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3 thoughts on “Adam River”

  1. Hi Bud and thank you for the reply. We will be staying 3 nights in Campbell River, 4 nights Port Hardy, 4 nights Courtney, 4 nights Port Alberni, 3 nights Port Renfrew, 3 nights Sooke and 3 nights in Victoria. We are staying at various Airbnbs and have hired a car, would also love to do some fishing.
    Rob and Lesli

  2. Hi my wife and I are going to Vancouver Island for 4 weeks in September 2020, we found you website very informative and useful. We love nature, hiking, seeing wildlife and some fishing too. Wondering if you could suggest the best areas to stay in to see wildlife and hike and fish.
    Many thanks in advance
    Kind regards
    Rob & Lesli Bencze
    Queensland Australia

    1. Hi Rob and Lesli, there are so many awesome places to visit here on our island that it would be hard to nail a few down for you. Tell you what, once you are here, give me a shout and i will help you with this. If I were to know where you are on the island, I could direct you to the best places in that area. I think you will enjoy your visit.

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