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European Wall Lizard

European Wall Lizard, Vancouver Island, BCEuropean Wall Lizards are an invasive species. The wall lizard, unlike the Alligator lizard, has a relatively flattened body with long limbs and very long toes. Like other species of Wall Lizards, they have an angular head and strong looking jaw. Males are up to 23 cm in total length, and females are a bit smaller. They have a very long tail. Read More….


Northern Aligator Lizard

Northern Alligator Lizard, Vancouver Island, BCThe Northern Alligator Lizards can be found on southern Vancouver Island, the southern interior and in parts of Washington and Oregon. Alligator Lizards commonly are found in fir and hemlock forests, both on the coast and in the interior.  Look along rivers with lots of rock outcrops, lizards use these features for basking in the sun. Read More….


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