Green Tree Frog

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Frogs, Vancouver Island

The green tree frog is found throughout the pacific northwest. They are quite common, we are forever finding them in our house plants that are near open windows, sometimes you will hear them in the house for several days before you finally find and move them back outdoors.

They are a very beautiful frog to look at and so very tiny. Like little gems. They range in color from grayish to brown, but mostly come in different degrees of green, including bright green, but they can change color quite quickly, possibly in response to changes in temperature or humidity.

The Green Tree Frog is a tiny little gem of a frog, it can be found in most aereas of the Pacific Northwest
Tiny Green Tree Frog, Photo By Bud Logan

Before becoming true frogs they spend all their time in the water but after the change, they move up into the plants and trees. They have sticky pads on their toes for gripping and climbing around in the plants.

They have a dark stripe running from their nostril across the eye and down onto the shoulder. The green tree frog has a very loud and distinct sound. When they mate in the spring in shallow wetlands, the chorus of many tree frogs in the early evening is an incredible sound. I love to sit on our porch and just listen to this wonderful sound after it gets dark.

My wife and I were walking home just after dark early one spring and came across about 100 little frogs ringed around a mud puddle, all calling at the same time. It was fascinating to watch them.

The Green Tree Frog when full grown is still smaller than a penny, it is quite common in the Pacific Northwest
Green Tree Frog, Photo By Bud Logan

There is a pond close to my home that I like to go to and find different insects and frogs. I was thrilled to watch green tree frogs go from egg to land dwellers this year, it is fascinating to watch the life cycle of these little gems. These little frogs are incredible singers in the spring, they are something to hear for sure.

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