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Common Garter Snake

The common garter snake is separated into 3 subspecies in Pacific Northwest, The Puget sound garter snake that lives on Vancouver Island, the valley garter snake that lives in the lower mainland and the red-sided garter snake that lives in the interior and eastern points of the Province. Adults can reach up to 2 m in length. Read More….



Northwestern Garter Snake

The Northwestern Garter Snake varies more in color and pattern than any other snake in our region. Sometimes they appear to have blue eyes but this is just a layer of skin over the eye when they are shedding an old skin that makes their eyes look blue, pretty awesome to see. It is a small snake that can reach up to 60 cm in length, adults are black, brown, or olive in color. Read More….



Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

Like all other garter snakes, the western terrestrial garter snake has strongly keeled scutes giving it a dusty, dull appearance. The color patterns vary throughout its range. In general, this snake has a grey body with a light stripe that is yellow to an orangery red down its back and a matching stripe running down each side. Read More….



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