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Painted Turtle


Painted Turtles can be found on the southeast side of Vancouver Island. The one in these photos was in the Victoria area. Painted turtles prefer the shores and shallows of lakes, ponds, ditches and sluggish creeks and streams that have muddy bottoms and a variety of aquatic plants. Painted turtles also require nearby upland nesting areas that face south, are relatively dry and the soil is easily dug for nesting sites. Read More….



Red Eared Slider Turtle

The red-eared turtle is an invasive species on Vancouver Island and could spell trouble for our painted turtle. Most have been released into the wild from people who purchased them as pets. The red-eared turtles are turning up in ponds and lakes across the coast. They are considered among the world’s 100 most invasive species. This turtle has a red earmark located just behind the eye. Read More….



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