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Fish, Pacific Northwest

Fish, Pacific Northwest
Grunt Sculpin, Photo By Bud Logan

Fish are aquatic vertebrates, with a skin covered in scales, 2 sets of paired fins, some unpaired fins, and a set of gills. Most are cold-blooded animals with a torpedo-shaped body, adapted for efficient movement in water.

Although the Tuna, swordfish, and a few shark species are warm-blooded. Some fish like the rays are flat bodied fish that are not streamlined. These fascinating creatures move through water like giant birds, undulating their wing like, broad pectoral fins.

Fish species require different habitats in order to carry out their natural life functions. Environments needed vary with their life stages: feeding, resting, hiding from predators, and spawning.

Tourism and its recreational use of the various fishes,  brings in much needed revenue to BC coastal communities. The pacific northwest has many areas that are great for sport fishing of salmon, shellfish, crabs and prawns and other fish species, you will not be disappointed.

Fish, Crustaceans, Pacific Northwest
Dungeness Crab, Photo By Bud Logan

Salmon fishing is awesome in the waters of the BC coast. The recreation harvesting of crabs also great here.  I love going out to get your own crabs and prawns. I used to go out at low night tides towing a small skiff behind me, clam rake in hand with a flashlight. When you see a crab scurrying away, you lightly step on it, slid the clam rake under your foot to hold the crab to your foot. You swing your foot over your skiff, holding the crab to it with the rake, then you let the crab fall into the boat. Hand didn’t get wet and the crab did not pinch you. Now they put on wet suits and walk along at low tide with a large net that they use to swoop up crabs.

Digging for clams is another great way to gather seafood, we have many types of clams here on the coast that will give you such wonders on your table.

Fish, Shellfish, Pacific Northwest
Pacific Oyster, Photo By Bud Logan

Fishing for both freshwater and saltwater fish is great along the coast and the whole fishery brings in a much needed source of revenue to isolated communities here. There are many lodges and guides who cater to those who seek out these kinds of adventures.

The commercial fishing industry, a key part of the growth & development of BC over the last 100 years, maintains its vital role in coastal communities. Commercial harvesting of shellfish, fish, both ground fish & salmon and herring eggs is of great economic importance to BC. All fisheries on the Pacific coast, though, are in danger, and require sustainable management before they too collapse, like the Atlantic fisheries have.

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