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Black Prickleback Fish

Black Prickleback Fish, Vancouver Island, BCThe black prickleback is a small fish with a small head and pointed oblique mouth. It has a long dorsal fin that runs into its tail fin giving the illusion of having a full-body fin. The tail fin is rounded and joins with the anal fin. It has no ventral fins and pectoral fins are very small. It is a favorite meal for the Great Blue Heron. Read More….



Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon, Vancouver Island, BCA favorite in the recreational fishery, the Chinook salmon is the biggest of the salmon with some reaching as much as 45 kilos in weight. Chinook reproduction happens mainly in major river systems, the most important of which in BC is the Fraser River. Substantial numbers of Chinook are also found in the Yukon River. Read More….



Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon, Vancouver Island, BCCoho is sometimes called bluebacks because of their bluish coloring on their backs. They have white gums, black tongues and a few spots on the upper portion of their bodies and silver-colored tails. They have a wide tail base. Bright silver with a metallic blue dorsal surface. Read More….



Great Sculpin

Great Sculpin, Vancouver Island, BCThe Great Sculpin is quite a large fish in the sculpin family, they can be seen sitting on the bottom on rocky reefs, but you must look hard for them as they blend in very well. They can be identified by their large and flat head that just seems to be too big for them.  Read More….



Green Penpoint Gunnel

Green Penpoint Gunnel, Vancouver Island, BCThe green penpoint gunnel can be found along the shoreline areas of the pacific northwest coast, usually in the shallows. It can sometimes even be found in tidal pools,  or look in eelgrass beds, sea lettuce beds, or in stands of kelp. It will take on the color of the vegetation around it. Read More….



Grunt Sculpin

Grunt Sculpin, Vancouver Island, BCThe grunt sculpin is a small fish but it has a very large head, a high forehead and a long snout ending in a small mouth. The eyes are small and deep-set. It is a strange-looking little fellow, to say the least. On the other hand, I think they are also very beautiful little fish as well. Read More….



Kelp Greenling

Kelp Greenling, Vancouver Island, BCKelp Greenlings can be found from  Alaska to California including all the waters along the BC coastal region.  They are found in rocky inshore areas and are common in kelp beds and on sand bottoms from the shoreline shallows down to 50 meters deep. Read More….



Ling Cod

Ling Cod, Vancouver Island, BCLingcod are large predators with huge mouths armed with numerous sharp teeth. They are brown with darker marks of different colors, spots or shades on the back and sides. Female lingcod can grow up to 150 cm, although males rarely exceed 100 cm. I have seen females weighing in at above 30 kilos. Read More….



Longfin Gunnel

Longfin Gunnel, Vancouver Island, BCThe longfin gunnel is a species of marine fish in the family Pholidae. It is a small fish that can remain out of the water and breathe air. It can be found all along the Pacific coast, including the waters surrounding Vancouver Island, look for it in shallow waters. Read More….



Pacific Halibut

Pacific Halibut, Vancouver Island, BCThe halibut is a member of the flounder family. They have a flat body with eyes on the right side. The skin on the top side is mottled to blend into the ocean floor and can be olive green, brown or almost black in color depending on where the fish was caught. The underside is snow white. Read More….



Pacific Octopus

Pacific Octopus, Vancouver Island, BCThe Pacific octopus can average 45 kilos but can reach weights of 275 kilos, and their arm spans can be up to 6 meters across. Their feed on crustaceans with Dungeness crabs being their favorite meal, but they also eat clams, squid, other species of octopus; and fish. Read More….



Painted Greenling

Painted Greenling, Vancouver Island, BCThe painted greenling is a common fish in the Pacific Northwest coastal waters, but they are not often seen, you should enjoy the sighting when one is found. The painted greenling can be found from Alaska to California but are quite rare from Vancouver Island north. They can be found from shoreline shallows to around 50 meters deep. Read More….



Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon, Vancouver Island, BCPink salmon have tiny scales and a tail heavily marked with large oval spots. Unlike the other salmon species, the tail of a pink has no silver in it. In the sea, pinks have silver bodies with spotted backs. They are the smallest of the Pacific salmon, usually weighing about 2.2 kg, but occasionally reaching 5.5 kg. Read More….




Pipefish, Vancouver Island, BCThe Pipefish is a long slender fish that tapers at both ends. The body is cross-sectioned into 2 parts. the part in front of the vent is 6 sided and behind the vent is 4 sided. A series of bony plates running along each side. They are considered a sea horse, but they are not, they are indeed a fish, although they do look like a straightened out seahorse. Read More….



Red Irish Lord

Red Irish Lord, Vancouver Island, BCThe Red Irish Lord fish is a thickly built fish with a long, wide-body, very large head and a big mouth. The body of the red Irish lord is mostly red, with white, brown and black mottling.  It has a large head and bulging eyes.  It has up to 12 dorsal spines, 20 dorsal soft rays, and 35 vertebrae. Read More….



Rock Fish

Rock Fish, Vancouver Island, BCRock Fish are bass like in appearance, with large mouths and eyes, spines on the head and gill plates, and prominent fins. Color varies between species with shallow water types generally having dark colors like green, brown or black and deep water species usually more orange or red coloring. Read More….



Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon, Vancouver Island, BC

The sockeye is almost toothless, with numerous long gill and prominent, glassy eyes. The slimmest and most streamlined of the Pacific species, the silver-blue sockeye lives from four to five years. It usually weighs between 2 kg and 4 kg but can reach 7 kg.  Read More….



Staghorn Sculpin

Staghorn Sculpin, Vancouver Island, BCThe Pacific staghorn sculpin has a slender body that is grayish olive in color with pale creamy yellow sides, a white belly, a large flattened head, and a largemouth. The soft dorsal fin is dusky, with a black spot near its rear with a white band below, and the pectoral fins are yellow with five or six dark greenish bands. They can reach lengths of 30 cm. Read More….



Tide Pool Sculpin

Tidepool Sculpin, Vancouver Island, BCThe Tide Pool Sculpin is a very common fish along the shores of the Pacific Northwest from Alaska to Washington. Though these fish only reach about 8 cm and live a maximum of five years, they thrive in the turbulent waters of the intertidal zone. Read More….




Wolf Eel

Wolf Eel, Vancouver Island, BCWolf Eels are one of the most interesting species found in the pacific northwest waters. Wolf eels are easy to identify, when young, their coloration is a burnt orange-spotted look that gradually changes into a dominant grey for males and brown for females. Read More….



Yellow Shriner Perch

Yellow Shriner Perch, Vancouver Island, BCThe body of the yellow shiner perch is oval in shape and the head is short with a small mouth, they have big eyes. The body is gray to green above with vertical yellow crossbars and 8 horizontal lines along the sides. Yellow shiners can be found from Alaska, all the way to Southern California, including all of Vancouver Island. Read More….



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