Oregon Forest Snail

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The Oregon Forest Snail of the Pacific Northwest

The Oregon Forest Snail has a shell diameter of up to 3.5 cm, and is one of the largest land snails in BC. Its shell has 5 to 6 spirals, with lighter colored thin bands that cross each one.

Oregon Forest Snail, Gastropods,, Vancouver Island, BC Coastal Region, Pacific Northwest
Oregon Forest Snail, Photo By Bud Logan

The uppermost swirls are often pale from wear. Shell color ranges from gold to dark brown, and lightening to amber around the shell opening.  As the snail matures, the shell can become bleached looking, and begin to flake. This particular variety lacks the hairs found on shells of other land snail species. The thick, white aperture lip of adult snails can be easily seen, when viewed from below. Juveniles lack this particular feature.

The Oregon forest snail has a strong preference for under story, herbaceous vegetation, especially stinging nettle & sword fern communities, found in association with big leaf maple, salmon berry and red alder.

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