Robust Lancetooth

Robust Lancetooth, Vancouver Island, BC
Robust Lancetooth, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Robust Lancetooth is quite a common snail on the pacific northwest coast, it’s a very pretty snail, sometimes it’s called the albino snail because of its white body.

This snail is commonly found in forest settings, it spends most of its time under rocks, logs, and moss, or down deep in forest litter. The robust lancetooth snail feeds on slugs, earthworms, and other snails.

The name is given to them because of the calcium carbonate spike they use to stab their prey, once the other prey is punctured, the snail backs off and follows the slim trail left by the dying victim. After it dies, the Lancetooth devours it at its leisure.

Sometimes when this snail sleeps, he will do so with its body laying out of its shell, all other gastropods will avoid them. It must be great to be at the top of the gastropod food chain.

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