Click Beetle

Click Beetle, Vancouver Island, BC
Click Beetle, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Click Beetle’s common name comes from the clicking sound that is made by a mechanism on the thorax of adults. These beetles use this mechanism to throw themselves into the air or to right themselves when they are on their backs. Click beetles are commonly found under stones and logs or look at flowers and vegetation.

The larvae can be very destructive. They like to feed on newly planted seeds and the roots of beans, cotton, potatoes, corn, and cereals.

They can do major damage. The larvae of some species of click beetles are predaceous. Click beetles are usually black or brown, but sometimes they are brightly colored. They are easily recognized by their characteristic shape; the body is elongated, usually parallel-sided, with rounded ends.

The larvae are often shiny, slender, and hard-bodied and are commonly called wireworms.

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