Flat Faced Longhorn Beetle

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Flat Faced Longhorn Beetle
Flat Faced Longhorn Beetles, Photo By Bud Logan

The Flat Faced Longhorn Beetles are a species of the subfamily Lamiinae. They can be up to 11 mm long. It has a pitted exoskeleton and is brown with black mottling.

Its larvae feed under the bark of conifers. Adults can be found attracted to lights from April to September.

These guys can bite, handle with care.

Flat Faced Longhorn Beetles are long and thin with antennae that can be as long as their bodies and sometimes much longer. There are many different species in this family. Often they are smooth with bodies that taper towards the back end.

Many are black, gray, or brown with banded patterns of black and yellow or orange. Many are 2 to 3 cm long but some are up to 6 cm long.

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