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Angel Wing Butterfly

Angle Wing Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe Angel Wing Butterfly is one of the only Comma species found at lower elevations near the caterpillar host plant, stinging nettle. Adults overwinter in their territory and re-emerge during early spring. The hoary comma angel wing, pictured here is another primarily western species that can be found all over Vancouver Island. Read More….



Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe cabbage white butterfly overwinters as a pupa and emerges in early spring, it is one of the first butterflies of the season. When I see them, I know winter is truly over. They are a harbinger of spring just as much as the singing robin is. Read More….




Lorquins Admiral Butterfly

Lorquins Admiral Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly has large bright colored wings. A deep warm brown makes up the base of the wings and their unmistakable fiery orange tips are beautiful. A line of small white rectangles runs along the topsides of both wings. Like other admirals, the size of this butterfly sets it apart with females are larger than their male counterparts. Read More….



Margined White Butterfly

Margined White Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe Margined White Butterfly is similar to the mustard white and replaces it in the west. The dark veins on the underside are a grey-green and not dark green as in the Mustard White. They have a wingspan up to 47 mm. Read More….




Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Mourning Cloak Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe Mourning Cloak Butterfly is a mid-sized butterfly that is brown and black on the top with a light yellow border. Next to the yellow border, there is a row of equally stunning blue dots. You can not mistake this butterfly. Read More….




Pacific Fritillary Butterfly

Pacific Fritillary Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe Pacific Northwest has a large population of Pacific Fritillary Butterflies, they are very beautiful to observe. The wings upper side is typical of the Fritillary Butterflies. There are rows of black spots on a rusty orange background. The hind wing underside lacks prominent pale markings. Read More….



Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCPainted lady butterflies are medium-sized, with a wingspan of about 5 cm. The top sides of their wings are orange with black blotches and white spots. Underneath, wing color is a beautiful combination of brown, pink, dark green, black and white. Read More….



Silver Blue Butterfly

Silver Blue Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCSilvery blue butterfly caterpillars have a special structure known as a honey gland, which secretes a sweet substance that attracts ants to feed on it. In what is known as a symbiotic relationship, the ants tend to the caterpillars by keeping them clean and protecting them from predators. These are beautiful little butterflies, quite awesome to observe. Read More….



Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe western tiger swallowtail is a butterfly that roams the Pacific Northwest. The western tiger swallowtail is a member of the family papilionidae, which consists of other subspecies of swallowtail butterflies. Read More….




Western White Butterfly

Western White Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BCThe upper side of fore-wing of the western white butterfly has marginal markings that are lighter than the submarginal stripe. The fore-wing tip and hind wing have veins outlined with gray to green. the spring and fall forms have more prominent markings. The wing Span is up to 6 cm. Read More….



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