Lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly

Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BC,
Lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

The lorquin’s Admiral Butterfly has large bright-colored wings. A deep warm brown makes up the base of the wings and their unmistakable fiery orange tips are beautiful.

A line of small white rectangles runs along the topsides of both wings. Like other admirals, the size of this butterfly sets it apart with females are larger than their male counterparts.

The undersides of the lorquin’s admiral’s wings are reddish-brown, also with patterns of regularly spaced white spots.

Easily recognized and much adored, this butterfly is popular among knowledgeable butterfly watchers and newcomers alike.

With an incredible mixture of strength and beauty, the lorquin’s admiral is a fantastic and well-loved butterfly. They are a steady visitor to our gardens and one of my favorite spring butterflies.

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