Mourning Cloak Butterfly

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Butterflies, Pacific Northwest

Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Mourning Cloak Butterfly, Photo By Robert Logan

The Mourning Cloak Butterfly is a mid sized butterfly that is brown and black on the top with a light yellow border. Next to the yellow border, there is a row of equally stunning blue dots. You can not mistake this butterfly.

Although these cloak butterflies are a wonder to behold. There is some interesting trivia that you may not know about this exquisite insect.

Mourning cloaks are among the most common butterflies in North America and especially Pacific Northwest including all of the BC coastal Region.

They like to live in our towns and cities instead of the forests and grasslands, making them quite visible to most people, but these butterflies can become a nuisance when they begin to overpopulate and cause damage to the local plants and trees.

The mourning cloak has a fairly large wing span up to 10 cm. Male mourning cloaks keep a territory and will chase away anything that comes into it.

The mourning cloak produces all year round, so you can see them no matter what the season may be.

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