Long Wing Conehead Cricket

Long Winged Conehead Cricket, Vancouver Island, BC
Long Wing Conehead Cricket, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

The Long Wing Conehead Cricket is a bush cricket of rough grassland and woodland areas, as well as damp habitats. It is largely vegetarian, feeding on grasses, but will also eat small invertebrates. Nymphs emerge from mid-May onward, molting into their adult forms at the end of July.

The song of the long-winged conehead is a soft, hissing buzz that is barely audible to human ears. Females lay their eggs in late summer in grass stems; here, they overwinter, ready to emerge next spring.

The long-winged conehead is easily identified by the combination of its green coloration, brown stripe down the back, pointed head, and long, brown wings.

These crickets are not very common on Vancouver Island and this is the first one that I have seen here, it was on a flowering bush in my backyard in Campbell River.

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