Anthomyiid Fly

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Flies, Pacific Northwest

Anthomyiid Fly
Anthomyiid Fly, Photo By Bud Logan

The larvae of Anthomyiid Fly are, for the most part, plant eaters, but some feed on dead and decaying organic material and a few are parasites of grasshoppers.

The adults feed on nectar and play an important role as plant pollinators. They occasionally feed at flowers with exposed nectaries, such as members of the carrot family. The larvae have various habits, sometimes feeding on dung, scavenging in bird nests, and other rotting materials. The larvae of some species feed on bulbs and can become pests of onions and lilies.

The Anthomyiid flies are small to medium-sized and are usually yellow, brown, gray or blackish. They have a well-developed calypter at the base of each wing, the wings are sometimes clouded with a gray or brown color and the legs are yellowish to black.

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