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Flies, Pacific Northwest

Mosquito, Photo By Sean McCann

The female Mosquito are blood feeders and can transmit many diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. The males feed on nectar.

Larvae are aquatic and occur in ponds, pools, tree holes, and in artificial containers that have standing water. The larvae feed on algae, organic debris, and a few are predaceous and feed on other mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae that had come to the edge of the water to morph, found itself being dragged off to the an ants nest.
It was quite the workout, but the ant got the Mosquito subdued and to the nest.

Adults are common near water and are usually more active at sunset and at night or in dense shade. They are small and slender flies that have long slender legs and a sharp proboscis, much longer than the head.

Both sexes have small scales along the wing veins. Males have feathery antennae and the females have sparsely haired antennae. When at rest the wings are folded flat over the body.

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