Emerald Moth

Emerald Moth, Vancouver Island, BC
Emerald Moth, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Emerald Moth is one that could be mistaken for a butterfly by its shape. The upper wings are light, dusky emerald in color, the upper edge is bordered with white.

There is a white uneven line that echoes the line of the outer edge of the wing and another faint line at the base of the wing.

The hind wings are a slightly paler green, again with faint white lines echoing the outer edges. The white line of the upper wings is continued across the top of the thorax. The body has markings of rose and yellow.

The caterpillar grows up to 23 mm in length and has a body with darker grey lines running down its length. The skin is very rough and usually covered with particles of leaf.

This moth is fairly common on Vancouver Island, they are very beautiful.

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