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Arctiostrotus Vancouverenis Worm

It has only been observed in parts of Washington State and on Vancouver Island. It has been seen in several areas of the west coast of the island and in a few spots around the Cowichan Lake area. There are quite a few in the Campbell River area. Read More….




Common Earth Worm

The Common Earthworm is sometimes called the nightcrawler because they come to the surface at night. it is a very common worm in gardens and lawns. Common earthworms (Lumbricus Terrestris) are indigenous to European countries but is an invasive species in North America. Read More….



Dew Worm

The Dew Worm is found in great numbers all along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. They are a common species of earthworm that is active at night but will also come to the surface during wet or rainy weather and crawl about. They will often leave casts on the surface which make lawns bumpy and uneven. Dew worms are more common on older, shaded or heavily watered lawns. Read More….



Red Wiggler Worm

The Red Wiggler Worm is also known as red worms. They live in the top 25 cm of the soil, thus making them epigeic earthworms. These worms do not burrow, are non-migratory and they require oxygen to survive. They live for about one year. Red wigglers feed on decaying organic matter. In fact, for millions of years they have been busy making natural fertilizer. Read More….



Snow Worm

The Snow Worm look quite a bit like Ice worms, except that ice worms are never found away from glaciers and are usually a much darker color, some that l have seen were almost black. These worms were at least thirty km from the nearest glacier. Read More….





Dew Worm

Dew Worm, Photo By Bud Logan

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