Arctiostrotus Vancouverensis Worm

Arctiostrotus Vancouverensis Worm, Vancouver Island, BC
Arctiostrotus Vancouverensis Worm, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The earthworm Arctiostrotus Vancouverensis can be found in the Pacific Northwest, in Washington State, and on Vancouver Island, it’s an ancient worm that has been here since before the last ice age.

When this worm gets dug up or otherwise disturbed, it will flip-flop around, sometimes gaining several CMS of distance from the ground, quite fascinating to see.

I have seen this worm a few times in my youth when l was a firefighter for the forest service, it would be living in the duff, and it appears to be quite tolerant of heat.

It has only been observed in parts of Washington State and on Vancouver Island. It has been seen in several areas of the west coast of the island and in a few spots around the Cowichan Lake area. There are quite a few in the Campbell River area.

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