Common House Spider

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Spiders, Pacific Northwest

Common House Spider
Common House Spider, Photo By Bud Logan

The common house spider is found in houses across Canada and throughout the world, most often making its home in humid basements & crawlspaces. They are very common on the BC coast. These spiders can grow to be up to 3 cm long. They have brown & black bodies, and light brown legs with grey or brown markings.

Their diet consists of flies, other spiders, cockroaches, beetles, and any other type of insect they can catch in their webs.

Spiders are found in homes around the world. What many people don’t know, however, is that most are not house spiders, but spiders that have entered from the outside world, and have chosen to make your home their residence. In addition to common house spiders, there are various other spiders in Canada which like to take over the dark corners of your cupboards & basements.

Adult male common house spiders are smaller than females, sometimes dramatically smaller. Males are identified by the presence of an enlarged pair of palps (mouth parts) which may appear somewhat like miniature boxing gloves or a fifth pair of legs. The palps are used to transfer sperm. Male spiders are more commonly encountered, as they tend to wander about during mating season, in search of females.

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