Thin Legged Wolf Spider

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Thin Legged Wolf Spider, Vancouver Island, BC
Thin Legged Wolf Spider, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

Thin-legged wolf spiders are members of the genus Pardosa. They are large to medium-sized spiders, with legs that are quite thin, compared to other wolf spiders, who have more tarantula-like proportions.

Some have banded legs and striped bodies, while others feature one solid body color. Markings differ within the same species or may be similar between species.

Lacking reliable distinguishing marks, it is difficult for anyone but an expert to identify the various species within the genus Pardosa.

Thin-legged wolf spiders are the nomadic hunters within Vancouver Island’s spider populations. You won’t see them spinning a web, because they spend most of their time wandering about the forests of Vancouver Island, hunting prey.

A female thin-legged wolf spider will wrap her eggs in a silky pouch and carry it on her back until they hatch. Newly-hatched thin-legged wolf spiders cling to their mother’s back, holding onto special hairs.

These spiders are very beautiful to look at… I have always enjoyed watching them go about their busy day, hunting and attacking their prey with skill and agility.

There is a variety that lives on the beaches of Vancouver Island, the pardosa lowriei, that is quite fascinating to observe. If you’ve ever sat down on our beaches, you most likely have seen these spiders. Keep an eye out for them, and enjoy their activities!

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