Wolf Spider

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Spiders, Pacific Northwest

Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider, Photo By Robert Logan

The wolf spider is known to be rather aggressive, but its bite is not usually dangerous to humans. This is a good thing, since they are one of the most common spiders found throughout North America!

Although, they are typically observed on the western side of continent, they have been spotted as far east as Nova Scotia, and as far south as Florida.

The wolf spider is known for its hunting ability. This spider prefers to hunt its prey, which includes: crickets, ants, grasshoppers & other spiders, by slowly stalking them from a distance.A typical wolf spider has a dark grey cephalothorax, with 2 light longitudinal stripes extending across the top, and a narrow, light line on each lateral margin of the thorax. Its abdomen features a dark median band, notched on each side in front of the middle of the abdomen, with several pairs of light spots on the rear part of the abdomen. The first pair of legs is often black or dark brown, its other legs are brown in color.

Females average 16 – 21 mm in length, while males, being typically much smaller, measure about 13 mm in size.

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