Terrestrial Animals

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Terrestrial Animals, Pacific Northwest

Black Bear, terrestrial animals
Black Bear, Photo By Bud Logan

Although there are over 400 species of mammals living in North America, there are only 36 species living on Vancouver Island.

The Island is still an exciting place to look for animals, though! To increase your chances of seeing wild life, you can look for clues when you are out & about.

Watch for things like dome-shaped clumps of grasses seen in our beaver ponds, they are likely built by muskrats. Piles of used pine cones are left over from feeding squirrels. Flattened grass where a deer spent the night. Tell-tail signs of animal life are everywhere!

Keep an eye out for tracks that passing creatures leave behind, in order to help identify animals living in your area. Their scat provides indications as to their diet.

Vancouver Island is home to: large animals like Roosevelt elk and wolves; smaller ones, like short-tailed weasels and gray squirrels; and wee little ones like the Keen’s mouse and the hoary bat.

They all have their place, and are quite interesting to observe. So, get out & take a walk on the wild side, and see what’s in your area!

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