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Terrestrial Animals, Pacific Northwest

Beavers are rodents – one of the largest on the coast, and we have a sizeable population here! They weigh between 12 – 26 kg, and range in sizes of up to 1 m long (not including their tail).

Throughout my youth, I’ve loved to fish the island’s ponds. Many times, I was able to observe beavers going about there daily work. They truly are a wonderful animal to watch!

Did you know that their front teeth never stop growing? They keep them from getting too long, by constantly gnawing on trees and wood.

They are expert dam builders, being born with this innate knowledge, and they create safe & comfortable habitats for themselves. Beaver dams also help to slow down erosion, and their ponds create habitat for many other creatures, such as: fish, amphibians, birds, and terrestrial animals who frequent these ponds to drink.

Beaver, Photo By Bud Logan

Beavers manipulate their environment more than any other animal except for man, mainly because of their complex dam construction projects.

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