Gray Squirrel

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Terrestrial Animals, Pacific Northwest

Gray Squirrel
Gray Squirrel, Photo By Bud Logan

The gray squirrel was first introduced to Vancouver Island about 25 years ago, and has spread across the southern Island since then. They are now starting to show up on the north Island.It is larger than the red or Douglas squirrels, and is usually gray or black in color.

This species defends no territory, and pretty much goes where it pleases. The native Vancouver Island squirrels spend a lot of energy guarding their territories against the gray squirrel, thereby reducing their success in gathering winter food.

They are opportunistic omnivores, eating vegetable foods most of the time. They are said to consume the eggs & young of birds, but there is some doubt as to whether they do more harm in this, than the native red squirrel.

Gray squirrels are known to build leaf platforms on branches of trees during summer, where they like to lie and watch the world go by.

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