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Long Legged Bat, Vancouver Island, BC
Long Legged Bat, Vancouver Island, BC

Long Legged Bats truly have long legs – and also big feet! Their tails are also quite lengthy, but their ears are short.

These bats can be found in parts of southern Alaska, in the western portion of Canada, on Vancouver Island, and all the way into the northern part of Mexico. While they prefer to dwell in open forests, these bats are also fond of mountains, and the nearby terrain surrounding these rocky regions.

Females form maternity colonies when they are pregnant or ready to give birth. The birthing colonies are not typically built in the woods or in the mountains. Instead, females form them in tight places amongst rocky crevices, old trees, or in the eaves & roofs of buildings.

Long Legged Bats emerge at dusk and look for prey in trees, along rocky bluffs, or over waterways. They are great hunters and will travel far for food.

They search all night, but are most active, the first few hours after sunset.

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