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Antler Lake

Antler Lake is located about 3 km from the town of Gold River. It is stocked with rainbow trout that get to an average size of 30 to 40 cm but still give you a good fight even with their small size. I have been fishing this lake since I was a young man, always caught fish here. The lake also has a population of wild cutthroat that can get to 1.5 kg and these fish do give you a good fight.

The lake has 2 10 meter basins, one in front of the rec site and the other is due east from there, these basins are filled with aquatic plants and some big cutthroats hang out there. But they can be caught in the shallows as well.

On the southeast end of the lake is a shallow area called yellow pond, this is a great place to fly fish from a canoe, just at dusk, you can nail the rainbows here, and once in a while, you can latch onto a big cutthroat. Fly fishing from a canoe or kayak is the best kind of fishing in the world.

Antler lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Antler Lake, Vancouver Island, BC Photo By Bud Logan

There is a boat launch for your use, but you can only use electric motors on this lake. There is also a recreational site here, and a very enjoyable walking trail that heads to Scout lake, another small lake about 2 km from antler lake. This is a nice trail to a nice lake. Try it out, you might just enjoy it and it’s a great way to view wildlife like birds and squirrels.

The recreational site is well looked after with picnic sites with fire pits and tables. This is a day-use site with no camping. It is a very pretty place, and you will have plenty of opportunities to view a wide variety of wildlife and birds. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

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  1. Just wondering if there is an area for swimming in this lake? Looking for a quiet lake to hang out in the summer and destress for a day in the area.

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