Atluck Lake Rec Sites

Atluck Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Atluck Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The Atluck lake Rec Site is on a lovely lake that is fairly large, the lake is quite deep and loaded with stocked rainbow and dolly varden trout. Some of them can run to 2 kg in weight but most are an average of 30 to 40 cm. Atluck lake is quite pretty with great views, the fishing is awesome and there is lots of space for camping. Did I mention the views? The views will just take your breath away.

This is one of those great lakes for camping on Vancouver Island, it is a real jewel of a lake. A lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains nestled in a narrow valley that is filled with wildlife. The birdlife is incredible, don’t forget to bring your camera. There is a real good chance you will see black bears, roosevelt elk, blacktail deer, or any number of smaller creatures like raccoons, otters, or pine martins.

The Atluck lake rec site has plenty of room for camping and a boat launch. The camping here is pretty awesome. There are 2 campgrounds that have a boat launch along with camping. Both sites are awesome and are right on the lake. Camping here is pretty good, you will enjoy yourself. There are several other rustic campsites on the lake.

Atluck Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Atluck Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

As this lake is in a very narrow valley. The wind has a habit of coming up fast and blowing hard, which can give the lake some fairly choppy waves. Take caution when out in a boat, wear your safety gear. I have seen 3 to 4-foot waves form on this lake, and it sometimes can happen in a flash. Not so great for fishing but excellent for windsurfing.

To reach the Atluck Lake Rec Site, take the Zeballos road to 9 km at mukwilla lake. Turn right and travel down the atluck main until you hit atluck Lake. Have fun.

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