Big Bay Rec Site

Big Bay Rec Site,Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Big Bay, Lower Campbell Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Big bay Rec Site is on Lower Campbell Lake, Vancouver Island. There are many, many places to camp here besides the main campground, and they all offer something. Some are great places to fish, others are great for swimming. Some can have large groups camp together and most of the camping spots are free to camp at and are maintained by the BC Forest Service. There are many spots that can be reached by boat that give you complete privacy, great if you have dogs that barks. It also means you have the beaches all to yourself for swimming, suntanning and fishing. Perfect for families with children, easier to keep an eye on them if you are camping right on the beach.

Big Bay Rec Site, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Big Bay, Lower Campbell Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Lower Campbell lake is quite a big lake, and you can catch some pretty big trout in it, trolling is the best way to catch the lunkers. You can have some good fishing adventures from the shore, the night bite brings the fish into the shore’s shallower water to feed on flies and other insects. This is a good time to either bobber fish or bottom fish. I have had superb luck bottom feeding at most locations, but bobber fishing can be quite fun. Fly fishing from a boat, kayak or canoe can bring in some big lunkers.

There are many trails around the shores of big bay and lots of wildlife, so if you’re coming for a few hours or a few days, make sure you have a camera. There is a great chance you might see bears, cougars, elk, deer, and many other types of small animals, and oh so many birds. This is a big bay, on a big lake, you can come here over and over and always go to a new spot.

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