Black Creek

Black Creek, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Black Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

During the early years of the 20th century, the black creek area was first occupied by loggers. The Comox Logging and railway camp 3 was located on what is now endall rd. Part of the old camp bunkhouse is now part of a home located on the road.

The Black Creek area was at one time, full of very large trees and logging went full steam until around 1930, then the area was opened up to German-speaking Immigrants who came from the USSR through Mexico and also from the Canadian prairies. They worked very hard to create garden farms, dairy farms, and fruit orchards. This is still quite evident and as you drive through the area, you will see the many small but very beautiful and well-maintained gardens and farms that line the old island hwy. These settlers were Mennonites and their influence still can be seen in the churches and the names of the families that are the offsprings of these hard-working settlers. Later during the ’50s, many more German-speaking immigrants from Austria and Germany were sponsored by these families, and business in the area was conducted in both English and German for many years after their arrival. Their traditions and music still can be seen and heard in the Black Creek Area.

Black Creek, Vancouver island Communities
Black Creek Trail, Photo By Bud Logan

The Black Creek itself winds through the farms and forests on its way to the sea. It reaches the ocean at Miracle Beach Park, the park and beach are awesome, there are many campsites in the park and plenty of room at the beach. If you wander over to the creek area, you will find a trail that is very pretty, my wife and I always take a walk here, the creek is beautiful, and the trail is full of small animals, birds, and wildflowers. In the spring of 2016, we were lucky to observe a herring spawn here and the variety of birds feasting was wonderful, there were thousands of birds, gulls, black brants, canadian geese, and many others. A sight not often seen.

There are many hiking trails along with lots of lakes and rivers in the area that can offer you a wonderful time in the forest. I have always enjoyed heading up the oyster river to explore the waterfalls and rapids. Then there are pearl lake, regan lake, and blue grouse lake, all are great for camping and offer some incredible fishing opportunities. The trail down to regan lake follows regan creek and here you see an incredible waterfall, during the heat of summer, you can climb up near the top of the falls and sit in a pool while watching the hawks and eagles fly by. The last time we were up here in 2016, we had 3 Ospreys flying around us, they are such majestic birds of prey.

Oyster River Canyon, Black Creek Area, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Oyster River Canyon, Photo By Robert Logan

Along the oyster river is an awesome waterfall and canyon the cuts through sandstone, it has carved out narrow channels that run deep, you can literally step across the river here. It’s pretty cool being able to do this, but please be careful not to fall in, or you could be on a rough ride through the canyon.

If you continue up the piggot main, you will come to paradise creek, this creek flows out of paradise meadows in Strathcona park, the road is 4×4 only and very rough, but you can continue up the road and reach the ski hill parking lot, this is a steep, very rough and wild road, not for the faint of heart. You can reach the ski hill from just before the regan lake parking area on a much more decent road, but where is the fun in that.

Black Creek and all it offers is a wonderful place, you should visit.

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