Bluebells, Vancouver Island, BC
Bluebells, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

One of the spring wonders of the BC southern coastal region is the Spanish Bluebells, this flower grows everywhere here on the south coast, and they are beautiful flowers. I love walking in the forests in the spring and one of my favorite sights is this flower. It is also called the fairy flower and one can almost see the fairies dancing around these bluebells.

This plant blooms in the spring, sometimes forming carpets of blue over extensive areas, truly a sight to behold. The flowers can come in blue, pink or white. The leaves are few on this plant and are quite oblong, 25 to 30 cm long, and about 3 to 4 cm wide. When the leaves first start to grow, they are erect but bend toward the ground as they mature. The flowers are numerous on a spike the shoots up from the leaves. The flowers have 6 petals that are fused to create the hanging bell.

Bluebells, Vancouver Island, BC
Bluebells, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

These flowers are very common on all the gulf islands including all of Vancouver Island and can be found from the shores of the sea to mid-elevations, they are just as common in the yards as they are in the woods but to see them growing in huge numbers under the forest is the best way to see them.

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    1. According to the Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia published by UBC (University of British Columbia), the Spanish bluebell is classified as exotic and naturalized, not invasive. the English Bluebell is considered invasive. The 2 plants can cross-breed. I think of both as invasive and once in your garden, they are very hard to eliminate.

  1. If you have any recommendations where to see the best wild bluebell displays in Vancouver please recommend! I would be so grateful!

    1. Sorry, but I have no info about bluebells in Vancouver Island, l do know of a few spots on Vancouver Islands west coast.

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