Brannen Lake

Brannen Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Brannen Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Brannen lake is located just outside Nanaimo on the Nanaimo Parkway. This is an urban lake with good access. There is a youth jail situated on this lake and access is strictly forbidden on the section of the lake that borders the jail. There is a great beach for swimming just north of the jail, there are picnic tables, a boat launch, and a very well-built wharf here for your use. The tables are in a section of big trees and have plenty of shade.

The fact that this is an urban lake and not that big would make one think that the fishing would be lousy. Boy, would you be wrong. This lake is very productive and is well known for its very large cutthroat and rainbow trout of up to 3 kg. Plus some good size smallmouth bass along with the odd kokanee. Yes indeed, this is a great urban lake. The rainbow trout are stocked yearly to support the fishery.

Brannen Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
Brannen Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Best fishing is in the spring and fall with trolling being your best way to attract the big ones. If you turn onto Mostar Rd, then turn onto Briggs Rd, go about 2 km further, and you will come to the Brannen Lake RV and campground, it’s a private site with all the amenities. This is a nice spot on a nice lake, great beach, good fishing, and some very nice trails to take a walk on, you can see plenty of birds here so bring your camera.

Nanaimo has some awesome places to visit and fish, waterfalls to just blow your mind, and some of the nicest people going so next time your around there, slow down and take a good look at what Nanaimo has to over.

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