Brentwood Bay

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Brentwood Bay, Photo By Bud Logan

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island is located on Saanich Inlet north of Victoria, it is home to the beautiful Butchart Gardens. You will find excellent restaurants, waterfront shops, and fantastic boutiques here in the bay.

The Mill Bay ferry that runs from Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay is a 25-minute crossing of the Saanich Inlet. If you are traveling between the Saanich peninsula and the North Island and want to bypass the Malahat and Victoria, this scenic route is the way to go. You can save plenty of time, see Brentwood Bay and have a pleasant trip all at the same time.

There are many whale watching tour outfits that run out of Brentwood Bay, there are so many whales, orcas, grey, humpback, and fin whales that you will likely see some. You will also see seals, sea lions, otters, mink and so many birds that they will simply amaze you. This is a premier kayaking/canoeing area on the southeast Island.

Great Blue Heron, Brentwood Bay, , Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Great Blue Heron, Photo By Bud Logan

Look for eagles, blue herons, ospreys, hawks, and many types of seabirds as you paddle along.

The Gowlland Todd Provincial Park offers great recreation opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and picnicking, the park is day-use only. There is more than 25 km of trails, these trails are from the very easy to very difficult to hike. In spring and early summer, the mountain bluffs become covered with beautiful wildflowers.

Located just southwest of Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island, the park preserves a wilderness area for the use of visitors, this is a fantastic park. It covers nearly the entire east side of Saanich Inlet, stretching from Goldstream to Brentwood Bay.

Goldstream Park, Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Goldstream Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

Gowlland Tod protects a significant part of the Gowlland Range, the Gowlland Range is a natural preserve for more than 150 individual animal and plant species that can be found here. The area protects a rare, dry coastal Douglas fir habitat.

The area has been and continues to be, important to the first peoples of the area, who harvest plants from the park for medicinal, ceremonial, and spiritual purposes.

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