Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake
Cameron Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Cameron lake is located on the Port Alberni highway. You will find a resort, a picnic area, and a boat launch at the east end of Cameron Lake, and the start of the cathedral grove forest at the west end. Macmillan Provincial Park runs along the south side of the lake. The picnic area has a great beach that is an awesome place for the kids to get wet and play.

Cameron Lake is a very deep lake and is quite unique because it contains brown trout that can reach upwards of 6.5 kg in weight and fight like the devil. These brown trout are notoriously hard to catch but when you get one on, well you know you have one on. Brownies have got to be the best fish to go after on the island. Big, fast, strong and will fight to the end. Catch and release is the way, let’s let these fish get even bigger. The lake is also stocked with rainbow, cutthroat, and kokanee trout that can reach 2 kg and are fun to catch. Nothing wrong with a 2 kg Cutthroat or rainbow on the line.

Cameron Lake Trestle
Cameron Lake Trestle, Photo By Bud Logan

The lake is hard to fish from a small boat or canoe because the wind can come up fast and blow hard. Fishing from shore works OK, but you probably will not get the big ones, you need a decent boat to fish this lake and troll deep for the brownies.

Cameron lake is a great place for windsurfing and is quite popular for this sport. The winds can blow pretty hard with lots of wave action.

If you look across the lake, you can see an old railway trestle that is now part of a hiking trail system. I would like to see the old rail bed made into a trail that would run from Parksville right into Port Alberni, would eliminate the hump, and create a safe but very memorable way to hike/bike to Port Alberni.

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  1. I really love your descriptions, including fish type and size. I am most impressed with recommendations of boats for trolling and wind warning, and, best of all, catch and release of the big brownies! You guys rock!!

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