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Bays, Pacific Northwest

Maple Bay, Bays
Maple Bay, Photo By Bud Logan

Vancouver Island has many bays that dot the coast line. Some are small, others are quite large; some are occupied, while others are wild & pristine – all are incredible!

Some of these bays were once logging camps, but have now turned into recreational sites for fishing & camping, like Elk Bay, Little Bear Bay, and Rock Bay. Others are in parks, like Lowrie Bay, Hansen Bay, Grouse Bay, and San Josef Bay with its sea stacks.

Not to be missed, are bays that rivers flow into, like Kelsey Bay and Cowichan Bay and some are a starting point for awesome hiking adventures.

Vancouver Island, is a great place for a journey into the wilderness!  Take a hike on one of our seaside trails or put a kayak in and have an adventure. The island has many bays just waiting for you to explore.

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