Kye Bay

Kye Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Kye Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Kye Bay is a beautiful place, backed by a forested hillside and filled with a bounty of fish, seafood, forest creatures, and plants, the bay is all part of the traditional territory of the Pentlatch People. A Salish-speaking First Nations who inhabited the east coast of Vancouver Island from Kye Bay to the Parksville area, the Pentlatch had permanent and seasonal villages that they used for fishing, hunting, and food gathering in many of the bays including Kye Bay.

Kye Bay has one of the prettiest beaches that you can find on the east side of Vancouver Island. The beach can run out for a great distance when the tide is out, allowing you to explore the many tide pools left behind.

Back in the late 60s, l spent the fall staying in Kye Bay. I could spend hours just walking along the beach, looking for interesting flotsam that has washed up with the last high tide. It was very idyllic and peaceful. One day,  as I was walking along the beach at low tide, l could see the stern section of a boat, it looked like a fishing boat that l had worked on when I was 14, l was a deckhand on this boat.  Sure enough, as l got closer, l saw it was the stern section of the 44-foot Quasalla, it was a nice boat in the past. Not so much now.

Kye Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Kye Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

I contacted a few friends to find out what had happened to place this part of the boat here. I learned that my old skipper, a man who had drunk a fair bit, had run it aground on Kye bay. When the coast guard arrived to save him, they found the boat completely underwater except for the mast, this is where they found Terry, a bottle of rum in his hand, drunker than a skunk. It was a damn shame about that boat, it was such a nice boat.

So you see, you never know what you might find walking along the beaches of our coast at low tide. There is always a story that presents itself.

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