Maple Bay

Maple Bay is a wonderful little community located in the Cowichan Valley on southern Vancouver Island. Maple Bay is home to marine activity all year round. The sheltered haven of the Bay is situated in Sansum Narrows, which separates Vancouver Island from Saltspring Island.

The Bay is serviced by Salt Spring Air and Harbor Air. They fly regularly scheduled flights a day from Maple Bay Marina to Vancouver, Ganges Harbor on Salt Spring Island.

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There are three main marinas, a public wharf, along with the Maple Bay Yacht Club and the Maple Bay Rowing Club. The waterfront is divided into three public access areas. The first is a parking lot where there are a boat launch and a large pier. The paved parking lot is large enough for boat trailers. The second access point is a beach park. Parallel parking is on the street. From the parking lot, there is a small walking path leading down to the beach. The third access point is on a separate section of the waterfront accessed best from Genoa Bay Road. The Maple Bay Marina is on Genoa Bay Road. There are a store, docks and a pub/restaurant.

All in all, this is a very pretty place, there is so much to do in the area as well, you can visit the local lakes for swimming and bird watching, lakes like Quamachan and Somenos are both favorites of the bird watchers. On Somenos lake, you will find the Cowichan forestry museum with a train that takes you past and over the lake, a great place to visit with all its history of island train logging.

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There are plenty of hiking trails here and the bay itself is a most awesome place to explore by kayak or boat. There are lots of parks here to visit, parks like Eve Park, Maple Mountain Centennial Park or the Osborne Bay Park plus many more areas with hiking trails. Maple Bay Area is a great place to spend a day or two.

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