Grant Bay Beach

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Beaches, Pacific Northwest

Grant Bay Beach, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Grant Bay Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

Grant Bay Beach is one of those places you think you can only see in photo books. Yet there it is, on the north end of west Vancouver Island. It is easily accessed by trail. The road is long but not to bad, can take a car over it with ease.

Grant bay is an isolated bay on the north side of the entrance to Quatsino Sound. The sound itself is really big, you can find the villages of Winter Harbor, Port Alice, Quotsino, Beaver Cove and Holberg by heading into the sound. Quatsino sound is a huge sound that leads in from the pacific ocean, almost separating the north island region. You can see gray whales, sea lions, seals, otters and thousands of shorebirds at this bay.

The beach is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, close to the village of Winter Harbor, its white sandy beaches and old growth trees make it a great destination for families and people of all activity levels. The beach is pretty big, quite wide from forest to water and nothing but white sand.

Grant Bay Beach, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Grant Bay Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

The trail in is a photographers dream, and the views from it are just incredible. Then you come to the beach, its a beautiful white sandy beach, every time l have been here, its been empty of people. I am always surprised by the lack of people as this beach could rival any beach in the world for beauty.

Bounded by a shore of shoals and rocks, the main attraction of grant bay is the long and remote sandy beach. The grant bay trail is a an easy hike.

Every time i have been here, the otters are there, lots of them, rolling in the waves, feeding on sea urchins and crabs. I just love these little ones, they are such a joy to watch.

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