Pacheedaht Beach

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Pacheedaht Beach, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Pacheedaht Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

Pacheedaht Beach is a beautiful place to watch the waves or go for a wander. Each end of the beach is formed by a river mouth, the San Juan River at the south end and the Gordon River at the north end, there is a large estuary that is perfect for wildlife viewing. This is a circular beach and you can walk on it for several km, the beach is all white sand and very pretty.

Pacheedaht Beach, Vancouver Island
Pacheedaht Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

At the Gordon River entrance at the north end is the Pacheedaht Reserve Campground with its own section of beach plus you can run up river to a protected marina if you have a water vessel. The estuary  of the river is a great place to view wildlife and l can almost guarantee you will see elk, there are so many in the area, we have seen elk every time we are here, last time, my wife and l saw a huge herd that took twenty minutes to cross the road in front of us.

The Estuary of the San Juan River is at the other end of the beach just at the edge of Port Renfrew. This is a great estuary to bird watch, there are so many different types of birds here, its pretty awesome. At the San Juan River Mouth is another campground, there are some real nice sites here as well.

Pacheedaht Beach, Vancouver Island
Pacheedaht Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

The beach is littered with a large amount of wind and wave tossed wood, some of the logs here are quite large and far up the beach, this gives you an idea just how stormy it can get in the winter months.

At the north end of the bay is the Pacheedaht reserve and its camp grounds on the shores of the beach, a little way back up the road is where you must go to register when you head out on the west coast trail.

At the south end is Port Renfrew, a wonderful little community whose people are friendly and helpful. The village is quite pretty with great places to stay and eat. So if you head out this way, bring your camera and expect a great adventure hiking the area and walking the beach.

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