Seal Bay Beach

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Beaches, Pacific Northwest

Seal Bay Beach
Seal Bay Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

The Seal Bay Beach area was logged up through the early 20s.  Several trails, such as the Mitchell grade, follow old rail grades once used to haul logs. There was a small Japanese camp on the beach along with a sawmill where Seabank Road trail reaches the water.

The park was originally part of an area offered to W.W.I soldiers as settlement lands. They never took up the offer though and then In 1971, the Comox-Strathcona Natural History Society started lobbying the regional district and provincial government to have the area designated as a park.

In 1975, approximately 335 acres were leased to the CVRD as a park for a 20 year term. In 1985, the area under lease was transferred to the regional district by the Province through a Crown land grant. An additional area of approximately 40 acres was added through another Crown land grant in 1988.

Seal Bay Beach Trail
Seal Bay Beach Trail, Photo By Bud Logan

The beach is a great place to spend an afternoon beach combing, picnicking or just relaxing. I have always enjoyed visiting the area, walking the various trails and looking for seals, sea lions and birds at the beach or other wildlife on the inland trails.

You can see deer, bears and lots of smaller animals like beavers, muskrats or raccoons as you hike around the trails. So come on and take a walk and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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