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Huson Caves

Huson Caves, Caves, Pacific Northwest
Huson Caves, Photo By Robert Logan

North Vancouver Island is an incredible place to go caving, one of the best is the Huson Caves. There are over 1,000 known caves on the island with most of them on the North Island, there could be many more just waiting to be discovered.

The Huson Cave system is a great place to introduce the public to caves carved out of the limestone rock by the Atluck creek. The system contains 15 caves that are easy and safe, perfect for the inexperienced caver; no special equipment is necessary.

The Little Huson Lake Cave Park is in an incredible area of the island and the canyon has some very special features which are unique to Vancouver Island.

Huson Caves, Caves, Pacific Northwest
Huson Caves, Photo By Robert Logan

The Cave Park includes the Atluck Creek Canyon. This canyon has a number of interesting beautiful features, there is a wonderful natural bridge that is quite amazing and a large cave entrance where the creek flows underground for 60 meters, this is known as the cathedral cave entrance. The bridge feature is the only one on Vancouver Island.

The park has a number of other minor karst features like scallops that form in the rock walls, they are rippled rock surfaces that have been created by high-pressure water flow.

There are ample areas to camp in the area, with the Huson lake site being the closest, this is a very nice campground with lots of space. There is a boat ramp and picnic tables along with a very large green area.

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