Drake Island

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Coastal Islands, Pacific Northwest

Drake Island, Pacific Northwest
Drake Island, Photo By Wayne Wright

Drake Island is the home of sea otters, sea lions, black bear, whales, eagles, and even the rare cougar. The Island is located at the head of Quotsino Sound, just off shore from the little community of Quotsino. There is a great little museum in Quotsino that shows the history of the area.

High bluffs, river estuaries and long inlets along with many great camping opportunities in Quatsino Sound and around Drake Island, the jewel in Quatsino, make the Drake Island area a great place to canoe or kayak.

The area has easy access by road and there are a number of communities that are on the shores of the sound that allow you to put in at. Port Alice is a great place to start your adventure but you can also put  in at Quotsino or coal harbor, both are very close to the Island.

Drake Island, Pacific Northwest
Drake Island, Photo By Wayne Wright

There are many inlets and bays around drake island to explore and many kinds of wildlife and birds. Drake Island has a population of six gill sharks. Bring your camera when you visit so you can capture memories.

Many coastal communities of Quatsino Sound are fun to visit, such as Quotsino, Coal Harbor, Port Alice, Holberg and Winter Harbor.

The islands around the Island and the passage through Quatsino Narrows are absolutely beautiful areas, while Varney Bay gives you access to explore the Marble River Canyon. Quotsino Provincial Park is incredible to explore as well. There are so many waterfalls and hidden streams to explore along with many small islands and bays to take a wander to. The bird life is incredible and watch for the otters, they are everywhere. Its a beautiful place to visit. It can take your breath away.

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