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Coves, Pacific Northwest

Bear Cove, Port Hardy, Coves
Bear Cove, Port Hardy, Photo By Bud Logan

The Pacific Northwest is one of the prettiest places on earth, and Vancouver Island is the jewel in the crown.

The Island’s shores are studded with Coves. These naturally beautiful areas range from very large to quite small, all are very interesting. Most of these contain some sort of estuary, where you can anchor your boat and go ashore and explore.

The beaches in these spots are often remarkable, and nearly empty of people. The forests that line them are full of wildlife, and countless species of plants and trees. Some of the world’s biggest trees are growing out of these ancient old growth rain forests.

They generally have a narrow entrance, like Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island. They are usually semi-round, and are often found as part of larger bays.

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