Bauza Cove

Bauza Cove
Bauza Cove, Photo By Bud Logan

Bauza Cove is located just a short distance from telegraph cove. There is also the Resort campground, which is located just a 10-minute walk up a short hill from the Cove resort office. There are two small creeks running along either side of the campground, and you can take a walk along a short trail through the woods to the Cove.

Telegraph Cove is located on the east side of Vancouver Island, 30 minutes south of Port McNeill and 11 kilometers off the Island Highway along the Beaver Cove Road.  The trail to the Cove starts here.

Telegraph Cove was at one time, a busy fishing and logging village. Telegraph Cove Resort is home to a number of small businesses catering to the outdoor tourism trade with bear and whale tours going out daily in season.

The many buildings here still have the old village look and along with the boardwalks, there is a real charm to this spot. The old-looking cabins are bright new and shiny on the inside and very nice to stay in.

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