Campbell River Estuary

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Estuaries, Pacific Northwest

Campbell River Estuary, Pacific Northwest
Campbell River Estuary Is Home To Many Types Of Birds, Photo By Robert Logan

The Campbell River Estuary is a beautiful place to go for a walk, or to try your luck at fishing. There are great birding opportunities, and chances to see a variety of marine animals: mink, seals, sea lions, and so much more!

The tides create a rich and diverse environment that supports these animals. The abundant variety of fish here, include both fresh & salt water species. All 5 types of salmon have runs in this river. Seagoing steelhead and cutthroat also visit the estuary during their life cycles.

Plants that thrive here are boundless & very colorful, and insect life is quite fascinating!

Campbell River Estuary, Pacific Northwest
Campbell River Estuary, Photo By Bud Logan

The estuary was at one time (not very long ago) used quite extensively for logging- based activity, with a large booming ground that fed the Raven Mill, which sat on the shores of this beautiful area. There is now much work being done by various organizations to bring the nature back to the estuary. It will be quite a wonderful place to come to when it is completed! I can see the estuary tied into Nunns Creek Park via trails and then through the E.R.T. green-way, the whole lower area tied into the Beaver Lodge Lands. This would be an incredible green-way that runs right through the middle of our community.

This would provide many km of bike and foot paths that could be enjoyed by all. The Nunns creek area could have boardwalks and paths that lead you through one of the best birding sites in town, there could be picnic areas and plenty of interpretative signs to inform you of various plants and wildlife that can be seen here. As our city grows, it would encircle this green way park, thus providing a green gem to our community.

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