Mohun Creek Estuary

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Estuaries, Pacific Northwest

Mohun Creek Estuary
Mohun Creek Estuary, Photo By Bud Logan

You can reach the Mohun Creek Estuary by taking the highway to Sayward, and then crossing the creek right at Menzies Bay.

All of Mohun Creek is closed to fishing from December 1st through May 31. The stretch from the Menzies Bay logging mainline bridge to Morton Lake is closed year-round.

When l was just a boy back in ’60s, my family would go camping at the mouth of Mohun Creek (called Trout Creek back then). There was a great campsite built here, and the fishing was just incredible. I remember fishing for sea run cutthroat here, and getting some real lunkers! There was clam digging and lots of oysters, as well as some great crabbing to be had here.

It’s a great place to walk into, still, and you can fish the lower river from June 1 until November 31. There is plenty of wildlife to view here, and there’s a great chance to see a bear or two in the fall. You can also see beavers, otters, mink, marten, and lots of birds. Bring your camera when you come!

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