Alberni Inlet

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Inlets, Pacific Northwest

Alberni Inlet, Pacific Northwest
Alberni Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

The Alberni Inlet on Vancouver Island is a long, narrow Fiord that leads 40 km inland from Barkley Sound and the open Ocean. At the head of the Inlet is Port Alberni, fast becoming a tourist hub on Vancouver Island.

With the beauty of the Pacific Rim National Park, Barkley Sound and Clayoquot Sound, tourists are staying in Port Alberni and heading out on day trips to many great locations surrounding the Port Alberni area.

The Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound area is such a beautiful place to visit. The inlet has year round salmon fishing that is just incredible. The Salmon that gather in the inlet before making their way to the spawning grounds.

You can find some very good Halibut and cod fishing here along with plenty of crabs and prawns waiting for you to drop a trap down to them. Many of the rivers and streams that flow into the inlet are full of freshwater fish as well.

Alberni Inlet, Pacific Northwest
Alberni Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

Spring salmon arrive in March, they follow the herring in, in may, an early run of Chinook salmon begin arriving. Sockeye salmon show up in late June and they are followed by a fall run of Chinook, the fall fishery is awesome with some very big fish taken on a regular basis.

The MV Frances Barkley is a cargo and passenger vessel based in Port Alberni, it plies the waters of the Alberni inlet and Barkley sound traveling through the Broken Group Islands as it heads to Bamfield and Ucluelet. Both these towns are located on outer edge of Barkley Sound, Ucluelet is on the north shore and Bamfield is on the south shore. Taking a trip on this boat is an incredible adventure that we all should take once in our lives.

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