Muchalat Inlet

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Inlets, Pacific Northwest

Muchalat Inlet
Muchalat Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

Muchalat Inlet is located on the northwest end of Vancouver Island, about 350 km north of Victoria by road, Gold River is the put in area for the inlet. it is 45 km long. It empties into Nootka Sound along with the Tahsis and Tlupana Inlets near Bligh Island.

There are many places of interest along the coast, these include Hot-springs Cove, Friendly Cove, Tahsis and of coarse all the incredible rivers and their estuaries that empty into Muchalat, Tlupana and Tahsis inlets. Fuel and supplies are not available in the inlet so fuel up in gold rive before heading out.

Summer fishing is pretty awesome here.  Muchalat Inlet has the best fishing on the entire coast. Two species of salmon may be found in the inlet waters in great numbers, they are  coho and Chinook along with a few blue-backs, coho migrate through the Inlet in the summer months on their way to spawn in the  Gold, Tsowwin and Leiner rivers.

Muchalat Inlet, BC Coastal Region
Muchalat Inlet, Photo By Bud Logan

Chinook have both a great winter fishery and a good summer Chinook run as well. Halibut can be taken in April, may and June. Winter fishing for big springs is incredible, but caution should be taken because the wind can come up unexpectedly and reach as high as 120 km an hour.

Wildlife viewing in the area is just incredible and there is a great chance to see bears, deer, elk, mink, martins and raccoons plus a really good chance to see seals, sea lions, whales and otters. There are many birds in the area and any birder will be kept busy just writing down the various birds they see here.

This is an incredible inlet, with many rivers, bays and islands, its very beautiful.

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